Sunday, 22 August 2010

Stumbling Into the Doll

The Stumblebum item this week from Show Me On the Doll is so lovely! I couldn't decide if I should pretty it up for a post or make it dark and gloomy (SMOTD clothes are often versitile enough for both!) but then when I got the bandaged eye hair from Cri-Cri the direction I wanted to go became much more clear.
Cri-Cri hair has become one of my faves in the last couple months. So many stores have a "gray" black but there's is dark and shiny.
The skin is from Mother Goose's update group. There are SO MANY skins in the two group gift boxes currently in the notices. And new lucky board prizes too!! Here are just *some* examples of what to expect:
goose page
Dress: Show Me On the Doll, 50L for Stumbleum (A red one is on sale too! Also comes with a feather boa, not worn)
Hair w/Attached Bandage: Cri-Cri, zombie popcorn hunt gift
Skins: Mother Goose, group gifts in notices
Pose Box w/Included Rocking Chair: Show Me On the Doll, not free (but awesome and comes with many options and it's still cheap)
Hair In Last Photo: Exile, not free