Saturday, 28 August 2010

So Much Ivalde o.o

If you don't know a while back Ivalde made a pay to join group (not a very high fee, I think it is 100L or 150L?) as well as a subscriber. Every month they have been giving out a lovely gift. To top it off, TONS of those gifts are still in store o.o Just wear your group tag and click on each little picture (near the lucky chair area) to get each one. Three of my faves are shown below but there are tons more!One of the pairs of shoes I am wearing is from Donna Flora and is only 1L. I think we may have blogged them here before but hey they rock!
Dresses: Ivalde, group gifts (join fee)
Yellow Shoes: Donna Flora, 1L
Pink Shoes: Truth, 1L @ Gnubie store
Hair: W&Y, hunt gift (find the big clams below the obvious red arrow, lol)
Socks: Sheer, free
Skin: Tuli, hunt gift @ Icon (only like one more day left to find!)