Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Now THAT's Recycling!

][AV][ Lucky Board Dress
*Dies* This dress from ][AV][ is so beautiful! And guess what?? It's freeee as a lucky board prize! And OH YES, it's that time again..Mango, Mango! 69L Humpday! *Breaks out into the MC Hammer Dance* All skins worn by Tazzy in this post can be yours for a mere 69L each. I love the lips, and can never ever say no to cat eye style liner.
[M2M] Back To School Hunt
He looks bad but he's actually good, she looks good but she's actually baaaaad. I love all things school uniform related LOL. [M2M] has these 2 amazing outfits as the prize for the "Back To School Hunt". OH and gentlemen??? The badboy skin Neezy is wearing is a new group gift for dudes from the generous Aimesi.
Super Possessed Monocle
I really like this monocle! It's like a creepy work of art! Tis the MadMushroom hunt gift from Super Possessed. Find a mushroom and click. You can eat it too I guess, but don't blame me for what happens after the fact! >:D
*RibboN* Tights
*RibboN* sent out these beautifully made tights in the sub-o yesterday. So pretty! These make me think of Silver cuz she's the pro pattern girl!
***Incase you like to skip to the links all skins worn by Tazzy are this weeks 69L Humpday special from Mango, Mango!***
Dress - ][AV][ - Lucky Board
Not Free
Outfit - [M2M] Back To School Hunt Gift
Not Free
Hair - Shag Hair
Outfit - [M2M] Back To School Hunt Gift
Skin - Aimesi Group Gift - Activate Tag and click the board.
Not Free
Hair - AITUI.
Finger Tape - SiniStyle
Look 3
Monocle - Super Possessed - MadMushroom Hunt Gift, find a red mushroom and click.
Not Free
Hair - Dernier Cri - I went by there earlier and it's still on sale for the discounted price! RUN!
Look 4
Tights - *RibboN* - Subscribo Gift - Join and check the notices.
Not Free
Hair - Maitreya
Sweater - NINIKO - On sale for half off at the CP/SWITCH summer sale.
Cami - Oyakin
Skirt - Kyoot
Shoes - MIEL