Monday, 16 August 2010

Hucci's With Tattoos Have Brains

Ahhh Monday...NOT! Well for me anyway. xD BubbleBrain
Yummy yummy squishy squishy juicy juicy braiiiinnnzzz. This rottenly <--lol...cute dress is the ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift from [bubble] . You can wear it plain or with the cage like skirt adorned with brains! 8D This gorgeous updo is a gift from W&Y, it has color change! Very generous of them, it's sooo pretty.

***Cue Diva Poses***

Hucci Wins!
The lovely Miss Eboni creator of House of Hucci has graced us with yet another group gift in the Subscribo O.o :O!!! I'm as far from a diva as one can get, but her creations always bring out the vixen in me! In this race there is no contest Hucci's WIN!
Para Likes ZombiePopcorn
:: Para Designs :: has done it again! The ZombiePopcorn gift is absolutely incredible, you get this tattoo in all layers for all viewers. There are a ton of options to wear them, like colored bold or faded and different opacity in black. Deeee-Lish!

Look 1
Hair - W&Y
Dress - [bubble] - ZombiePocorn Hunt Gift
Not Free
Skin - &Bean - Past group gift
Shoes - Atomic - Past Themeory Item
Look 2
Racer Jumper - House of Hucci - Join the subscribo, and check history it's the most recent message.
Not Free
Hair - Truth
Skin - Atomic - Past group gift, there's a join fee that's very well worth it.
Sunglasses - Armidi
Shoes - Maitreya
Look 3
Tattoo Set - :: Para Designs :: - ZombiePopcorn Hunt Gift
Not Free
Hair - Clawtooth
Skin - Nuuna's
Bikini -MiaMai_