Wednesday, 25 August 2010

actchio. and Niven are ::TASTY::

Tasty actchio.
Huzzah! Amazingly hawte unisex tattoos! actchio. has these two different sleeve tatts as the hunt gift for the FTLO hunt. I luvs! These cute sporty shorts are also a gift from the FTLO hunt. The shorts are only part of a really cute full outfit, you can find it at ::TASTY::
Mango, Mango 69L Vamp Tones
I'm really hearting the vamp tone from Mango, Mango! Sileny's going to add this tone to all of her previous makeups and new ones! Tis humpday special time, you can grab these pale sweet faced skins for 69L each...yesssssss.
Strut your avant-garde side with these awesome outfits from The Niven Collection. You can find these in the do your little turn on the catwalk..yea on the catwalk. O.o xD

Look 1
Tattoos - actchio. - FTLO hunt gift
Shorts - ::TASTY:: - FTLO hunt gift
Not Free
Hair - *eha - On sale at the CP&Switch Late Summer Sale
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::. - Only 30L!!!!!!!!!
Top - Emery
Look 2
Skin - Mango, Mango! - Humpday items 69L each, will be out for a few days if you can't make it today.
Hair - Sari's - Not Free
Look 3
Both Black & White Outfits - The Niven Collection - Join the subscribo and check history.
Not Free
White Hair - PurpleMoon Creations
RedishPinkish Hair LOL - booN
Boots on the Left - Kookie
Boots on the Right - *COCO* Designs
Skin - Mango, Mango! - 69L Humpday skin.