Thursday, 10 June 2010

So Cute and Maybe Limited Time

I got these awesome gifts at the opening of the Our Awa cafe next to Yomeshoujo and I am not entirely certain how long they will be out so go NOW in case they are limited!!The items are full of whimsy; bubbles, ducks, flowers, fabulous. The build itself is SO PRETTY and I wanted to take pics but after SL decided to crash me a few times I had to settle for taking shots at home. There are more items than what I am showing too!Not at Our Awa but still awesome are several pairs of different glasses at December. You can win a whole bunch of the new releases in the lucky boards through the 13th of June to celebrate the stores opening on the Bad Blood sim. If you don't want to wait for the board group members can buy for a discounted price.
Clothes: Free at Our Awa opening (made by Yomeshoujo and KWZ)
Glasses: December, lucky board prize
Hair: Fab.Pony, discounted at the dressing room
Skin: Imabee, group gift (previously blogged)