Sunday, 13 June 2010


Pookea freebie Acorn house! yay thanks suetabulous Yootz of Beetle Bones!! Also a ton of pretty things from Pookea.

Acorn house from Pookea, freee. 19 prims. Does not come with the sticking-out branch thing, that's from Itutu.
The pergola/wood thing for garden plants is from TLND, June subscribo gift. Only 2 prims!
Tree stump that I'm sitting on is a gift from Eels sim and Lithium, has lots of animations in it!

Inside of the gorgeous Acorn house- Sue is living in it right now and so am I!
Chandelier: 20L from Pookea, 2 prims only.
Wall art with heart: 20L.
Plaid sofa-chair: 1L from Pookea
rugs, plant and table: 20L each
All furniture from Pookea

skin: not free, Leona in pale from Glam Affair, eyeliner is part of the skin! love.
Wall posters: shooting stars hunt gift (wait for the star to reach you and type /7 catch) from Cheap Cheap
dress: Duboo, Yozoh* ugly duboo gift. free dress at Pookie Promenade branch! It's in a corner.
Headband: 10L from DP*yumyum, join group. It's downstairs.
tights and boots: part of spring fling outfit, free if you're lucky, "yummy" the lucky cupcake at Doux Couture! (creator: DahliaJames Gossipgirl, can check her picks) The trick is to put it in your picks and go "yummy" the cupcake a few times a day, although I got the outfit on my first "yummy" hahah.

skin: not free, Leona in pale from Glam Affair, eyeliner is part of the skin!
tattoo: The Habitat. thanks till for the freebie!
Kik lucky board hair. I've been outrageously lucky lately... I stepped in the store and it was an S! There's also a hair for 0L.
Ronsem tunic from shooting star hunt, /7 catch
leggings: 1L from oyakin(you get 3 colors), at the back of the store on a shelf
shoes: Duboo subscribo gift

All poses from doll.!