Saturday, 22 May 2010

Themeory is Totally Rad

I have kind of a sick obsession with all things 80's so when I found out the Project Themeory theme this weekend was the 80's I ran as fast as my pixel legs could carry me to the stores!
There are so many different styles that were popular in the 80's it's really way too hard to even try to explain them all. Things that were so cute and wild and outrageous, to things so conservative and drab. Fortunately for us most stores went with a wild more exaggerated version!
All in all I would say this is my fave Project Themeory so far. Lots of great designers who are highly underrated involved this round.
So yeah, whether you like the bright, floofy, crazy, neon, or the athletic, body-conscious, dance wear-inspired styles there is something for you!

Also make sure to check out the skybox I am in, it's a limited time freebie from Tweedle!!
Worn Throughout:
Skins: CStar, GGH gifts, 0L (search for umbrellas)
Blond Hair: Fashionably Dead, not free
Black Hair: Nouveau Miranda, free
Themeory Items:
Outfit 1: Veschi, 75L (includes leg warmers)
Outfit 2: Theory., 75L (Includes several wear options and skirt options, great value)
Outfit 3: Atomic, 75L (or 150L for a fat pack, includes leg warmers)
Glasses: Duboo, 75L (for a fat pack of colors and leggings too)
I seriously bought so much more stuff this week but dang time and space are limited here! Go forth and shop!