Sunday, 9 May 2010

castles in the sky


my poses are from [doll.]
Xing's poses are from actchio.

on Xing:

hair: Zeus lucky board. yay. (those are silver streaks btw)
shirt: Switch mall gift
tattoo(looks better on him/alan than on me grrrr. 50L here)
Aoharu jeans and Akeyo sneakers

on me:
hair: 1L, KDC hair mall gift from Time of angel
dress: Miu group gift! so pretty!
leggings: 35L from Veneno/Lurani store
necklace: 50LF from Miel
shoes: Pixel Mode Baby T's with socks - 350L but worth every penny!

on me:

20L gacha hair from Time of angel at KDC hair mall, YAYYY I got the one I wanted after three tries! YAYYY! I got a double of the first hair and it's NO TRANS. I hate when that happens, but I'm so happy I got the one I wanted!
Miu group gift, you can wear this as a top, as a pair of shorts, or as a playsuit as I'm wearing it here! SOOOO NICEEEE. love this outfit to bits! the sculpts are perfection.
shoes: Pixel Mode's Baby T's, perfect with this look!

on Xing:
hair: Zeus group gift
shirt: part of 60L outfit at the Dressing Room, comes with gloves and pants
checkered pants: 1L from Rock Candy
wristband: grasp group gift
sneakers: UBU drunks

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