Sunday, 25 April 2010

Quick Jam-Packed Post!

I was going to make this two separate posts but seeing as I am super busy in SL and RL I will make it one. It's going to be fun times! First up, MiaSnow has a great deal for you!
Slow Kitchen and MiaSnow1
If you are under 45 days old you can get a pack of skins, in four tones, with two makeups each, for free! And if you are older than 30 days you can buy the whole shebang for only 100L! Sweet!
Slow Kitchen and MiaSnow 2
Next up for more free skin goodness we have the return of Romi Skins!! This is one of my favorite stores for my other av and I was so sad to see them go but stayed in the group for, I don't know, memories? And then when I got a notice that they were open and had a group gift I was sooo happy!! You can get the skin as a group gift (100L join fee, several tones) or you can win it on the lucky board.
Romi and theory. 3
The tee shirt I am wearing is a subscriber gift from Theory. along with several other colors and styles. The dino bag has three sits and can be won in the lucky board along with a pancake version (lol!)
Romi and theory. 2
Red and Green Sleeved Shirt and Anchor Necklace: Slow Kitchen, group gifts
First Two Skins: MiaSnow, free for under 45 days or 100L for the fat pack
Green Eyes: MiaSnow, free
Red Hair: Exile, past group gift. No longer available in this color to my knowledge
Black Tee Shirt: Theory., subscriber gift
Dins Bag: Theory., lucky board prize
Jeans: Deviance, past gift no longer free
Two-Toned Hair: DejaVu, past gift. No Longer free or in this color to my knowledge (can't seem to find the store slurl)
Third/Fourth Skin: Romi Skin, group gift (100L join fee) or lucky board prize

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