Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Halty Dresses

I'm in summer mode.
These dresses are fabulicious and guess what! One of them is free (for group members)


This gold glittery dress makes me want to partay.
Mirrors*+ Halty_Disco_Gold

Below is one of the full priced designs from the Halty range. I am in love with the bright blue & red colors, very summer feel! I packed my flip flops and headed down to the beach and enjoy the spring breeze with a piegon that happened to be chillin' on the rocks XD


Mirrors*+ Halty_Blue

Bracelets: Sole Accessory - Leather Bracelet Gift (group members only, activate tag to get)

Earrings Sole Accessory - 3-STAR-R Piace not free

Suri, xoxo


J.Dikes said...

i loveee those bracelets so hot

silver milneaux said...

ooh i went to get that dress for my alt too heh, thank youuu. love the cutting of that dress!

Mimstar said...

where is that hair from?? its gorg!

lori772 said...

where is that hair from?? its gorg!

lori772 said...

Hi. i love your hair my inworld name is Jadyn Galicia. Can you tell me where you got them? I Love them. please ty

Suri Christen said...

As said in chat: Hair from fri.day & Mirai Style

lori772 said...

thank you ;)

Suri Christen said...