Monday, 19 April 2010

Eden Loves Eve

I found out about this cute store, Kat, thru the group Lucky Chair Stalkers and I instantly knew I must have the dress, Eve.  This dress can be yours with only 160 slaps and when I looked last there were still a few spots left today.  It is lusciously sexy and easy to accessorize.  I went full-steam ahead on the accessories, disregarding the "one great accessory" rule I usually follow.   The dress pairs perfectly with the Lola Boots in exotic textures that you can win in the lucky chair at Baby Monkey in the main room (the 10 L sale on discontinued Ultimates is still going on in the other lucky chair room for some real bargains).  While you are at Baby Monkey, make sure you pick up the four sets of free prim nails.  They are scripted for color change and the gloves are tint-able to match your skin.  Thanks to Jelly Supply, also from Lucky Chair Stalkers, for turning me onto these great sunglasses from arrya that you can pick up for free as an  Eels opening gift.  Right next to it are also a free stump chair and some great bangles for both men and women.
Dress: Kat: Eve - Blue: Midnight Mania Prize
Boots: Baby Monkey: Lola Boots - Exotics: Lucky Chair Prize
Glasses: aarya: Eels Gift: Free
Necklaces: .HoD.: Mercenary Set: not free but my favorite store for rosaries :)
Bangles: Jasha: Tahta Bracelets II: closed now, hope you picked them up when Tesh and Silver blogged it.
Ring: AddiCt: Keyboard Ring: was a Project Themeory item so it might not be available
Hair: Pacadi Jasha: Roberta - Swedish Blond: again, the store is closed now
Skin: Cupcakes: Allure: Cameo - Sanguine (not free)

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