Sunday, 18 April 2010


Gotta luhs SL stuff that celebrates cultural diversity of all kinds, and Tuli's latest group gift is one of the most stunning skins I've seen to date. That the face (to me) not only looks Asian (like many others you can find on the grid) but Asian-American (unlike hardly any you can find on the grid) deeply resonates with this NYCer (who happens to live in arguably the craziest urban melting pot of them all). -- And even if you don't care about any of that, there's no denying that this skin gift is simply kick ya in the nuts gorgeous. *mwuahs* + bravo to Tuli Asturias!
I'm also wearing one of my fave finds from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, this free red camo minidress by Pesto (more on this awes hunt posted by Suri here). Some of my fave $50L Fridays boots from SLink + these $10L cherry-red bangles from Pacadi Jasha's store closing sale (where most ridic cute shoes + clothes + jewelry can be scooped for $10L - $25L (there's some lower/higher priced items as well) helped pull together this look. I just checked + the Pacadi sale is still going strong (at least as of the time of this post). *NOTE: Lag monster is having quite the field day there. You have been warned!
I'm not wearing these in the pics above, but I wanted to show you a beauty shot of these pain-inducing, utterly fabby shoes that you can grab at the Pacadi sale. These "Armadillo" ankle booties will set ya back $25L a pair + come in your choice of colors. *mwuahs* to my good friend Rene Caerndow for making sure I saw these, despite the crazed shopping mob there!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who enjoys many culturally diverse items, in every life)


Skin: Tuli - Sayuri tone2 (freckles) - VIP update group special ($250L group join fee) - free
Dress: Pesto - LazyTankDress CamoFire - Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift (HINT (revised because item has moved): Dust bunnies live here!) -
Earrings: Pacadi Jasha - Dayia Earring [01] -
Bangles: Pacadi Jasha - Spring Bangles - Red -
Gold rings necklace: Pacadi Jasha - Tahta Necklace (Embellished Gold) -
Gold choker necklace: A&A Fashion @ The Dressing Room - A&A Fashion Extreme Necklace Gold -
Tall burgundy boots: SLink - Quinn Kneehighs FLF special (Burgundy) - former
$50L Fridays sale
Ankle boots:
Pacadi Jasha - Armadillo Plateaus - Kermit- $25L
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven - $30L
Hair: Exile - Faith/mink (don't miss the
free Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift here too; HINT: Don't forget to clean everywhere, especially the tops of columns!)
Poses by: Olive Juice