Wednesday, 28 April 2010

apache rose peacock

Hello! A-Bomb sandals and Sn@tch peacock earrings, loves of my SLife :)

all poses by Estetica!

earrings: Sn@tch Pavo Peacock earrings, 100L onlyyyy
white halter: A-Bomb, Alt Fair gift
skirt: 75L at A-Bomb booth
sandals: 100L, copper, charity item from A-Bomb
nails: cost me 800L from MStyle but tooootally worth it. colorchange.
hair: CriCri hair, comes in two styles for the price of one, and two kinds of ribbon positions. This hair is scripted in ways I never thought was possible!

hair flower: Ticky Tacky discount area, fatback for 10L. very pretty flowers!
hair: Berries' Inc, Zombie Popcorn hunt gift.
outfit: Sn@tch Lil Nipper outfit, 275L for fatpack (trans)
sandals: A-Bomb's Phoxx colorchange sandals, 300L, donation item
tatts: actchio.

Star of the show - the Phoxx sandals by A-Bomb are in a special copper color at 100L and every cent goes to charity. A-Bomb has also put their newest release of the Phoxx sandals in colorchange in a donation vendor(50% going to Nothing but Nets) for 300L.

I think that these are the prettiest shoes that A-Bomb has ever made and they're perfect for summer/wearing with socks/just throwing on without bothering about prim foot color. Super realistic sculpts, I love them. It's really generous of A-Bomb to be donating their work towards this charity. Please consider heading down and getting these beautiful sandals - your lindens will be going to Nothing but Nets! I am very partial towards the copper color, it's such a nude shade and goes with everything. From A-Bomb - "These are named Phoxxe after a friend of Addison's who lost a battle with brain cancer.  Her favorite color was copper, thus the single-color pair in copper with all proceeds going to the fair charity, Nothing but Nets."

The white sculpted skirt is also soooo good - who doesn't need a vintage skirt with polkadots! 75L at the A-Bomb booth. The white halter is an Alt Fair gift from A-Bomb, so now you really have no reason not to head down to their booth :)

Sn@tch Peacock Pavo earrings that I really cannot take off! So so detailed. They're only 100L, Ivey's items have always been affordable, and she's one of the sponsors for Alt Fair. Don't forget to get the massive Sn@tch gift at their booth too! I'm also showing the Lil' Nipper outfit from the lights pack. Sn@tch things aren't necessarily all gothy or bloody haha. Lots of pretty things at Alt Fair for everyone! And also you can be all breasty and wear the Lil' Nipper outfit without the sheer top, the suspender straps strategically cover your nipples perfectly. Don't take my word for it though, try them out! :D Also, don't forget that Sn@tch fatpacks clothing at 275L, but they are trans. Share with friends and you get full outfits for less than 50L!

Here, have some heavily unedited photos haha. I really shouldn't be posting at all because I have an EXAM ahhh die but I just wanted to show some things that are not to be missed out on at ALT FAIR! Which ends on the day that my exams end so I MUST show you these! Also scoop up the deals on the official bloggers' posts here by Sileny and Isabeau, I've really enjoyed their posts.

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