Monday, 22 March 2010

you're my lucky charm

There's a lucky charms mini-hunt involving tw, skream and PERA. Hunt ends 24th March!

Look for the golden baggies, they might be a bit tricky to find. tw. has generously put her two dresses in exclusive colors out for the hunt, skream has a delicate pair of earrings and a female shape and PERA has some skins with a neon green stripe over the lips!

hair: lamb
tw. bottlecap pearls, fatpack of colors in MM board
tw. dress, with deep U-back, love this dress!
ganked goldblooded bracelet, not free, exclusively available at accessory fair!
gucci bag(I reversed it): this week's free bag from Bags of Style
tights: Michami
boots: Redgrave

hair: Yuna hair gacha, 10L per play. gorgeous hair!
tw. dress, prize in hunt (hint: both the golden baggies for tw. are on the first floor. One is obvious and the second one you might need to cam around a bit! feel free to IM me inworld for help! I'm terrible at hunts haha)
nails: MStyle sharp nails, not free but much loved

earrings: skream's lucky charms hunt prize! (there's another baggie near the door, contains a female shape)

P.S. Apologies, I hit publish in a hurry and mixed up the post dates!

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sharito said...

Where I can find that tattoo? :)