Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Touch Of Pink And Green

Vinyl Cafe Free Pink Spiked Stilettos

These sexy pink prim toe spiked stilettos are free from Vinyl Cafe Fashions.


Ganked is giving away this big, bold,and glittery shamrock set.

Hucci Group Gift with LP2 Group Gift Stereo

Here's the latest group gift from Hucci..love the bodice! I'm showing it with a cool Bang and Olufsen inspired stereo set, which is the latest group gift from LP2. The stereo is mod so you can drop in a radio script and make it functional. Love it!

Ooas Group Gift

This two piece lingerie set is the latest group gift from OoEas!..great for St. Patrick's but so sexy and fresh looking its great for any time of the year.

Dominion Fashion District Gift W/Goodies Inside!

This chic bag with cosmetics is a freebie from The Dominion Fashion District. Inside you'll also find some sexy fashion items and toys.


Cmoney said...

I love your photo shadows, Evangeline, so artfully applied to stylish effect. And thanks for the tip about the CD player group gift. I am not sure how I lived in my SL house before I got that.

Evangeline Eames said...

Thank you Cmoney! I love that CD player too!