Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Things

Dominion Spring Stilettos

These orange crush stilettos with orchids are free from The Dominion Fashion District.

The Loft Spring Gift

The Loft is giving away this adorable spring decorative piece in their group. Grab it while you can!

Here's to a happy Spring and lots of great Spring things!


Aree said...

Love your blog. :) The orchid shoes are cute but are no mod and without size or color scripts. Invisaprims didn't work with pants either.

Evangeline Eames said...

hi Aree..the shoes should be mod. I'm out of SL atm, but when I get back today I'll make sure they are set right. As far as the invisiprims..thats always a problem with pants. No way around it really I'm afraid, at least not til the new version of the SL viewer comes out. Thanks for your comments!