Thursday, 18 March 2010

Paris: The F*S Guide to the RFL Clothing Fair

I apologize for getting two posts out so fast but I want to give you time to see the RFL stuffage before the fair closes.  The Paris sim is chichi chic and I spent a small fortune there but as the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society I didn't hold back (too much).  I shopped on a preview day so you might find more gifts! If I don't mention the price assume it is free or 1 L.
The Parisienne dress is a gift from SySy's and it has to be one of my favorite gifts of the entire fair.  It is simple and elegant and I will be wearing it for a long time.
I think Simone Stern of Simone is one of the texturing goddesses of SL and her Stardust dress is no exception.  She also has the most gorgeous store in the entire fair in my humble opinion.  The dress is 365 L.
Morea Style's Mandy Dress in Anthracite is 380 but there are so many possible combinations it is well worth the price.  This is my favorite style.
I love tomoto and her Papillon set is simply stunning.  It is 380 L.
GWD has Ballerina - Clockwork Beauty as a near freebie. The textures are stunning!
SySy's Chandi top in Rose is only 100 L and could be worn so many ways.  I paired it with a pair of jeans but I could easily see it with a sharp pencil skirt.
Solange's Whisky Dress is another dress that can be worn in multiple combinations.  It is 350 L.


Sileny said...

What hair is this?

Eden Knoller said...

Mirone Miaa - red pack