Monday, 15 March 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Irish! Or At Least, Green.

St. Patty's Day is everybody's fave time to slip on something green, and this month's $1L suuuperlowriders jeans gift from Cynful (which covers, well basically, none of the buttie at all) were a ready-made excuse for moi to throw together a greenies look.
This fabby skin from La Vie landed in my do-not-miss pile. The skin is part of an entire avi (including the skin, vest + panties shown here) that's available for $1L (another one for guys too). -- The stage queen-heavy brows, frex + full lips come together to compose an expressive face; plus I like this all-over body tattoo, especially the Celtic patterns adorning the backs of the hands.

St. Patty's got creators busting out all sorts of fun things, like these fun oversized green sketchbooks by BP that you can hold.
I want to point out my earrings from the Talisman store (a store that is new to me). Creator Hazel Kyrgyz has set out a wall of jewelery for $1L or free. Some of these pieces are just for fun (like the burnt toast earrings in the Styling Credits below) but these pretty peacock feather + yellow gold ones were too cute to pass up.
Who doesn't need a standing pose with 1 hand on hip? This one's $1L for the next month or so, courtesy of Free*Style's own Suri Christen for Doll. Some 'tude is necessary in life.
I said: Kiss me, I'm Irish, damn it.
Happy upcoming St. Patty's Day to everyone. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who doesn't really need an excuse to wear green)


Jeans: Cynful - March Special - CapeyoJeans - lowrise - greenish 1 - $1L
Skin (comes with vest + panties shown here): La Vie - Demi St Patricks Day special - $1L
Hair: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Group Gifty - March 2010 - Kris (Black Cherry) - subscribo gift (no past gifts via subscribo, but I'm showing it 'cuz if you're already in it + you're like me, half the time you don't even know what you've already received due to severe IM/NC cappage
) - free
Necklace: YourSkin & YourShape - group gift (join group for $0L; touch gift sign behind bar) - free
Peacock earrings: Talisman - Hera - Peacock Earrings - $1L
Toast earrings: Talisman - Huge Toast Earrings (shown left) - free
Bracelets: Ganked - Worlds Apart Bracelet
Boots: Courtisane @ Enky's - Marie Lu Brown - $1L
Eyes: Mai - Gift Eyes Vol. 3 - free or $1L
BP - Sketchbook/green/17march/wear - group gift (join BP* Update Group for $0L; this + an adorable "foot bath" gift in Notices) - free
Poses by: Doll - Carrie Pose Collection (pose #7 is $1L for about a month)


Eden Knoller said...

Tesh! Great post and you work so hard on them! The effort shows! xoxoxo

Tesh said...

/me kisses Eden on both cheeks *mwuahs mwuahs* TY lady!!! I absolutely adore your posts too!! xoxoxoxoxo

angeltips28 said...

Who ever knew that green could be sooooooooooo sexy woohoo, gorgeous books..that book set to carry is totally adorable...luv how u put the whole look together and you make it look so easy, although like Eden said it so perfectly, you work so hard on them! Thanks for everything you do. Beautiful pics.

Lacie said...

loool, if its the same Talisman store I remember, then its certainly not new and has been there since my original rezz day in 2006! Great finds anyway, heading over there now!!

Tesh said...

Hey Lacie -- I actually said that the Talisman store is new to *me* (not new in general) but thank you for reading! :O)

Angeltips!! Now you have the luck o' the Irish!! :O)))) *mwuahs Angeltips with big wet lucky kisses* xoxoxoxo