Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It's Alice Time!

With the release of the new Tim Burton Alice movie we are seeing lots of Alice things and I, personally, approve.
I like the darkened versions especially so I wanted to do a more punk version and I think the riot vend corsets from DV8 are great for it!
As I was deciding what hair to wear for this Black maria sent out a group gift! Perfecto! I love pointy bangs!!The Alice jewelry from Monkee is my favorite set ever. It is! So while not free, it is still a great deal at 69L a piece :)
Hair: Black Maria, group and subscriber gift
Jewelry: Monkee, 69L Hump Day items
Corset Tops: DV8, 25L for a five pack in the riot vendor
Mouth Mushroom: Monkee, 1L
Sparkly Shorts: (OMFG) I Love It, not free
Skins: Tuli, not free
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, not free