Saturday, 13 March 2010

F*S Guide to The RFL Clothing Fair

The Relay for Life (RFL) Clothing Fair began today!  The Fair has grown to over 150 participating designers  and covers 9 sims.  8 fashion capitals of the world house the shops with a center sim patterned after The UN Sculpture Gardens.  The Clothing Fair benefits the American Cancer Society (ACS) and has already earned over 1 Million Linden dollars.  Each shop is required to have at least 4 venders that donate 100 % of the proceeds to the ACS.  If you are new to the fair those venders look different from all the others and usually contain a new and/or exclusive version of an outfit.  Unlike previous years, the price to obtain the outfit is set up like any vender, so no guessing as to whether you have donated enough Lindens for the outfit.  We have scoured the Fair to find the best gifts and will be showing them in posts over the next couple of days.  However, because this is primarily a charity event, the main purpose is not to scoop up freebies, so we will also showing some of our favorite RFL items, many reasonably priced.  Designers pay a fee to have a shop at the Clothing Fair so unless you have no lindens now is the time to shop to show your support and scoop up fantastic items for a most worthy cause.

The sims are as follows:
Center Sim - UN Sculpture Gardens, sponsored by Lightening Video
Paris Sim - sponsored by House of RFyre
Milan Sim - sponsored by Moonstruck
London Sim - sponsored by Caliber Designs
Rio de Janeiro Sim - sponsored by
Melbourne Sim - sponsored by Lapointe & Bastchild
Tokyo Sim - sponsored by Seri Writer
New Delhi Sim - sponsored by Mashooka Designs
New York Sim - sponsored by N'Vhe
Each sim has a central landing point and is open and airy but be polite and move from the landing point as soon as you rez.  There will be an informational kiosk at each landing point informing you of what stores it houses.

Plan on lag.  It's inevitable.  It's not necessary to read everyone's ARC and yell at them.  High ARC only slows YOU down so for your own sake you might want to de-prim.  What does contribute to overall lag are unnecessary scripted items so remove as many as you possibly can.  Please leave your poofers at home. Another way to reduce your lag is to lower your both your graphics quality and draw distance, which can be modified in Preferences in the Graphics tab. To change your draw distance, click the Custom box and draw distance is in the top right column.  Your distance of vision will be reduced but your mobility will be improved greatly!

There are also 17 small globes hidden (2 on each sim and one in the center sim) priced between 10 and 30 L, which all proceeds benefitting RFL.  There are also DJ's and live musicians 24/7 for entertainment and to provide information as well as Fashion Shows.  The RFL Clothing Fair runs through Sunday, March 21st at 9:00 PM SLT.  Have fun and pictures of goodies coming soon!  For more scoop the official event website is

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