Thursday, 18 March 2010

Free Style Does New York!

Another picture filled post for a good cause! Unless noted the items are 10L or under. Why 10L? Because I forgot to take down prices :D lol Here we go!
Both outfit from StellarOutfit from OMFG, not free
Lace Shirt underneath from SD Wears, RFL item
Dress and Top from SD Wears
Pants from AudaciousTops from Moonshine
Bracelets: Spellbound
Purple Dress from Phoenix Rising, RFL item
Zebra dress from Nyte N Day, not free and on the Melbourne sim actually, haha
OK! And now some more from Eden's Flickr! Woo!
Dress: Phoenix Rising, RFL itemDress: DeLa, RFL item
Jacket: DeLa, RFL item
Skirt: Elate!, not free (New Delhi sim)

All Hair worn by me is from Simply Britnee, not free
Shoes worn by me are from Periquita (only 70L per color at the discount store!)
All skin worn by me is from Nomine, not free
All additional items worn by Eden can be found on her Flickr photostream

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