Monday, 15 March 2010

ADD, Blue Blood, Sentou Yousei

Such a creative title I have today. If you hadn't guessed, this post shall feature items from A.D.D Andel, Blue Blood, and Sentou Yousei! LOL! Blue Blood has these awesome dresses in their lucky board. Lots of boards and a short timer so easy to win!! Green is my fave color but there are plenty of other colors to win. There's a yellow version in the group notices free too!
I love these crazy chunky boots from A.D.D Andel. The pink & cyan ones are free in the group notices and the green ones are free at the Cupcakes sim bake sale! Woo!
These cute St. Patty's Day elf ears are only 10L at Sentou Yousei! Love them! And a shamrock for your mouth also from A.D.D Andel for 10L :D

Dress: Blue Blood, lucky board prize
Boots: A.D.D Andel, group gift and freebie
Mouth Shamrock: A.D.D Andel, 10L
Elf Ears: Sentou Yousei, 10L
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Dr. Life

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