Wednesday, 24 February 2010


SILVER skin in fair with freckles, 69L humpday item by Mango, Mango!

comes in three tones, with/without freckles and with/without hairbase. usually 250L, so these are a great deal. sileny named it after me, zomg. sileny always makes me smile so big!

lingerie from Beauty Avatar 10L section, 10L and super detailed, comes with a black feather boa.

hair: W&Y, includes color-change ribbon accessory!

location: dork street's basement, in front of Ana's pretty fireplace :D


Cmoney said...

Fireplaces always make me feel hot. :)

Dream said...

Lol Glam Affair (previously known as Beauty Avatar), the leading store in overpriced stuff backed by store decor that is higher quality than the stuff sold itself, is having a 10L sale? Omfg who would've known. I would've thought they learned the SL pricing trend after changing name and moving to a new location but guess not. A simple striped black-and-white dress with skirt panels generated by the freebie full-perm skirt generator is on sale for 450L, whereas it can be purchased in a much higher quality version for merely 200L-ish at places like Aoharu.

Cmoney said...

450 L versus 200-ish L? If true, I don't think that price difference warrants a public condemnation, especially as Beauty Avatar are running a sale that even the the most frugal-minded avatar can be happy about.

silver milneaux said...

They're not having a 10L sale, they have some retired items that are in a 10L sale section. All their items are at the normal price.

I like glam affair's designs a lot, actually! I'm a very cheap person but I remember splurging for some lingerie (not on sale) previously, was happy with the quality and the design which I didn't see anywhere else. I also like their latest dresses, I don't see the skirt generator skirt in all of them?

I don't think they're overpriced, I've seen uglier designs at equally crazy prices haha.

Neither would I call them the leading store in overpriced items?

I think if you don't like it, just don't buy it! they are free to price their items however they like, and I'm happy they're having a very generous section of 10L items that are worth way more than 10L!