Thursday, 4 February 2010


Hello! Here's Sileny and I, Sileny kindly agreed to let me post the free Blacklips skins from Nuuna's skins with her :)

Sileny did the styling, and then I tried to match, heh. Don't tell me if I fail!
The Blacklips skin in three tones (Sileny is wearing the light and I am wearing medium) is free from Nuuna's skins because Nuuna rocks! The fatpack of 6 cool makeups is available for 300L. Perfect for fashion and photography.

Sileny's jacket is a men's group gift from Lelutka, so good. Our Shake It! dresses are currently 75L from A-Bomb - these are half-price until the next release when they'll be set back to 150L, so hurry get them! The Courtney boots we're wearing are currently 150L and texture change to ten colors - usual price 300L.

on Sileny
hair: BP, not free
Leggings: group gift from Coco
Jacket: LeLutka, group gift
Poses: Striking Poses, not free
Eyes: Wasabi Pills, past lucky board prize (not sure if still free, prolly not)

on me
hair: 69, was free as an anniversary gift
leggings: the store is gone, but it was from yudemikan and Sileny blogged it previously!
gloves: CheerNo Brilliant gloves in silver
poses: [doll.] by Suri Christen

closeup of the free Blacklips skins!

Ezura cheongsam/qipao with thigh slit - perfect for the Chinese New Year. (we celebrate it here!) Alan Tamatzui logged in to get this for me, so all credit for finding it goes to him!
February V.I.P. group gift from Ezura, buy for 1L.

not free:
Blacklips from Nuuna's skins
50Lfriday hair from !lamb
gloves, free from sf designs, get the gift for women :) thank you to swafette Firefly, the designer, for commenting that the gift is available! The gloves are lace and tintable, really useful for matching any outfit.
Modd.G's Emily pumps in red - she sculpted these from scratch!

Here are four out of the six makeups available in fatpacks for 300L :)

TP to Nuuna's Skins to get your free Blacklips skins and demo her new makeups!


Sileny said...

I love Nunna's skins so much, they really are the best deal on the grid. Most of her fat packs are around 150L-300L and the makeups are so unique and lovely.

P.S.- your styling is looovely!

Cmoney said...

"A rave from another skin designer is a rave, indeed." said Cmoney, fresh mango pieces dropping from his lips as he spoke.

P.S.- on the styling: oh yeah, totally.

swaffette Firefly said...

just to let you know the gloves are still free - theyre in the ladies gift box at the bottom of the stairs in High Society my formal store :) theyre white but tintable :)

Dream said...

Just to let you know that it's not a Cheongsam, it's a Qipao, since it's the Chinese ethnic dress for New Year's =P

silver milneaux said...

hey actually it is a cheongsam heh. I am chinese!

"The cheongsam is a body-hugging (modified in Shanghai) one-piece Chinese dress for women; the male version is the changshan. It is known in Mandarin Chinese as the qípáo (旗袍)"

I'll edit it in the post though, I checked and the ezura label says qipao, thanks for the correction :)

silver milneaux said...

thanks very much, swaffette! :) i'll edit the post with the link, I wanted to ask you but I didn't wanna be greedy and sort of bother you over a free item that might have been discontinued. i'm really glad it's still available!

and hiiiiii cmoney and sileny heh. and no you styled it first so I copied you! :)