Wednesday, 17 February 2010

love jammies from e!

e! apparel's valentine's day gift was this set of matching love jammies! take you and your partner over to e! to get your free set :) it will be available til saturday, so hurry!

on me:
hair from W&Y, lucky board limited edition!
jewellery from ganked, currently in the lucky board but I bought it at the original price :) ganked is having a 50% off sale right now, prices from 50L-75L for gorgeous sculpted jewels!

Xing's pose is by Creamy Cooljoke, 8 male poses available as a pay what you want item at Free*Style's lair on Horst here!

Many thanks to Lenora Serpente for letting me take a picture in her kitchen :D


Sileny said...

I want to eat your man friend, nahm nahm.

Verbal Titration said...

Yay no problem at all! That's the most use my kitchen has had since it rezzed.