Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cupid - Draw Back Your Bow

Hart Larsson has opened his PXL CREATIONS VIP Group back up and to join it's $L250. Before you get all SCREECHY about it costing money, remember that a lot of us bring you goodies which are free, due to a one time investment. Some groups are worth it to join! Like this one which brings you wonderful skins......


Several times a year Hart will release a special, not for sale skin that you can only get by being a member. It's a beautiful investment and as you can see - for Feb 14 he's releases something more than a skin.

What comes with it is

  • The beautiful special release of JULY skin for Valentines

  • The Bow and Arrow set

  • The Quiver

  • The Cupids Wings
  • 3 poses for you who are inclined to take photos!

I've added lingerie from Insolence (Dolores in White) and Hair from Exile - Cherry in Arctic White. NOT FREE.

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