Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Little Red Rioting Hood

Little Red Riding Hood seriously has to be one of the most dark fairy tales. So when I was informed of this free red hood from Luster I immediately thought of the ultra dark store Show Me On the Doll for a dress to match.
The skin is the latest group gift from Atomic and comes with a non-freckled option as well. The hair is an MM board prize from Nightshade. I had to mod it A LOT to get it to fit under the hood so don't expect it to work right away if you want to recreate this look, haha. The hair on its own though is awesome and only needs modding to fit your head, as per usual.

Hood: Luster, free
Dress: Show Me On the Doll, MM board prize
Hair: Nightshade, MM board prize
Skin: Atomic, group gift (250L join fee)

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