Friday, 22 January 2010

I've Seen Trubble and It's Good

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Tracy Rubble, owner of Trubble.  She has several wonderful outfits that are gorgeous and that you can get for free or 1 L.  There is also a Lucky Chair upstairs with several outfits but I have enough pictures here to give you a good taste of the Trubble you can get in.

Trubble: Subscriber Gift: 0 L

Trubble: Dollarbie gown.  The bow is delish!

Trubble: Midnight Mania.  Only 25 slaps so if its full make sure you come back the next day.  It's so worth it!

Trubble: Profile Picks Gift: notice the lovely shading differences on the bodice as well as the subtle green texture that makes it extra special.
Hair: Truth (thanks Joonie and Mimi <3)
Skin: Cupcakes

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