Friday, 1 January 2010

i wear cheap makeup

group gifts/lucky boards from Zenith Fashions, Vanity Hair, and leggings from Cheap Makeup and En Svale! && NEW &BEAN SKIN & DU3! DU3 ends 6th Jan, so hurry get your items before it ends. I'm still budgeting which other items to get, even though I want everything! skin worn throughout is &bean pillow tan in seven. magical.

hair: Vanity Hair, Marian in blonde (was xmas hunt gift, no longer available)
mittens with faces on them: 30L from TazzMania!
victorias secret PJs (they even have the word PINK across the butt. perfect!)
GROUP GIFT from zenith fashions. looooveee. comes with the bedroom slippers!

leggings: xmas gift from Cheap Makeup! Thanks Stella! Ok to thank Stella plz vote for Laika in NWN LOL! GOO LAIKA!!! Okay, join the group instore here and check notices for the gift :)
White tank, was blogged by Suri here! Mischief Fashions subscribo gift
hair: Vanity Hair, Mademoiselle in noir, xmas hunt gift (not available)

gloves: CheerNo Brilliant gloves, available from Designers United 3 and instore, shown with the red gems
flats: intermission flats, 50 flats for Designers United 3
La Gyo theater lady necklace from Designers United 3

"sexy top" from zenith fashions group-only lucky board (top only)
bracelet: 15L from Kowloon sim, surl to Hariya store here
hair: 69
cleavage: does not come with skin, 200L, tintable from Ayumi Thanks Mijn for telling me about it when I wanted to buy breasts :D

hair: Vanity Hair group-only lucky board
blue babydoll dress(so, so detailed) zenith fashions group-only lucky board
socks: en svale, free
flats: 50 flats gacha

hair: Vanity Hair current dollabie, quick go get it!
pink babydoll dress(superr detailed) zenith fashions group-only lucky board
striped leggings: en svale, free
best flats ever: 50 flats gacha, 40L per play. I could stare at the prim petals all day.. they're randomly attached to the base of the shoe, even a petal at the back of one shoe.

hair: Vanity Hair lucky board, 3 prims only. favorite hair right now! Board is group only, group is free to join.
yellow top, zenith fashions group-only lucky board (group is free to join)
studded jeans, was blogged by Suri here! Mischief Fashions subscribo gift

not free:
swan necklace, La Gyo for Designers United 3
gloves with diamonds(comes with 5 colors of diamonds), CheerNo for Designers United 3 (also available instore)
"smoking" flats! 50 flats for Designers United 3, mr fairfax & mr grapewin, worn mismatched. the flats have a prim cigarette crushed under one flat... BADASS. 60L only

HAPPY2010. <3 hope we find what we've always been looking for in our second lives!

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