Saturday, 16 January 2010

I Am Here To Introduce You to a Boy

Hi girls - and guys! It's Gidge and I'm here to introduce you to a new boy blogger who joined us over at It's Only Fashion - Deth Sautereau. He's going to cover man fashion (rawr) and I thought while I was dragging him around the grid, I might share him with you. So without further to-do........let's talk about what he's got on!

He's discovered Hell-Bop and it seems that in days since he first ran over there, each time I've seen him he's wearing a new free item from there. This shirt is out right now in the tool box on the work bench!

In the past few days, they've also offered up these pants (with three different belt options - not pictures).

And this t-shrt and overshirt were out too!

Hell Bop is worth a join, guys - and ladies too. Many of their free items have a ladies option in the box! Hell Bop rotates their free items so all may not be avail - but the shirt in the top pic is still there - cuz he JUST got it. :)

Deth is also wearing the Belleza group gift - Thomas - and here you see him with the hairbase as it comes (In top picture he is wearing Thomas without hair base). It's 250L to join but you get way more than THAT value in skins via this group gift.

Deth is also wearing the Aurora eyes freebie from Poetic Color. I know I've seen some of the other girls covering them. They might be a litle "Children of the Corn" for this skin tone. But if you were fair, they'd be right on target.

Deth was going to join Freestyle as an occasional guest blogger of man fashions - but he's having technical'd think a RL engineer could work his own computer woudln't you?


In the top pic, I'm wearing the current free gift from Donna Flora at her new main store, Lucky Chair Hair from Little Heaven (Still Avail!) and the Group Gift for Girlies from Belleza - Alyson - in pale. I did not think to capture my own slurls bcse I was logging on to help out Deth with the messed up computer. I'm sorry - but a better woman than me said it before.....

Search is your friend!


Sileny said...

/me squees! I hope he does join! We need more man meat, rofl.

silver milneaux said...

hiii deth! :D