Saturday, 9 January 2010

How come I'm cold?

I am generally not much of a midrif-shower but we all have a good reason to bare it with these finds.  League was not able to participate in 50 L Fridays yesterday so to make up for it Nena Janus has set out the intended item for free.  Just hop over to the store and pick it up in the vender right in the center area of the store.  Seeing no point in covering up on top I decided to wear the Vagabond shirt from the Midnight Mania at Adore & Abhor.  Only 25 little slaps are needed and the shirt is yours.  It is easily tintable, making this essentially a free fatpack o' shirts.  I'm also digging this accessory set by Pepper which is on special on XStreet.  The pearl mouth chain was seller for me.  It's edgy without slapping others in the face and claiming so.  Unisex and resizable too! Thanks again to Nena from League for the kindness of the gift.  We appreciate it <3

Top: Adore & Abhor: Vagabond retintable: Midnight Mania
Skirt: League: Matching Multistripe Skirt and Gloves: Gratis
Accessories: Pepper: XStreet Special Offer (Pearls and Wrist Bands): 99 L
Hair: Neva: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Seduction V.2 Luna: not free
Tat: Smudge: Sailor On: not free

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