Thursday, 7 January 2010

E! new picks reward!

Eclectic Wingtips has put another great item in her picks rewards! Last month I was overjoyed when she put the nicest pure white turtleneck sweater in the rewards board, heh. This month it's a unisex, versatile black vneck sweater, can be worn layered or alone. Keep E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories in your picks so you can get the monthly picks reward :D Thanks so so much, Eclectic!

If E! isn't in your picks yet, just follow the LM, add E! to your picks, and come back the next day to click the board to get your gift.

on Xing
necklace: Perturb/ation free item
black vneck sweater: E! January Picks reward!
sweater: My Alt Is A Virgin hoodie, old picks reward from Intrigue Co.
on me
hair: Raspberry Aristocrat free hair, beautiful.
necklace: Perturb/ation group gift
black vneck sweater: E! January Picks reward!

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