Monday, 11 January 2010

Bubbles Rah rah ah-ah-ah

Time to play with bubbles!
You can play with it in the bath...or you can use it on a dress! So Gaga, right?
Of course, her look is way more wild than mine, but the dress is fab in it's own right!

[doll.] Neve 01

Turnip's Bubbly Bits (group gift)

[doll.] Selene 02

Vita’s Boudoir - Bubble Dress, $0L
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VITABELLA! And thank you for inspiring me to make this pose :)

I hope you like these bubbles as much as I do!

Suri, xoxo


Eden Knoller said...

Sexy Suri :)

Daniele said...

nice hair in the picture with the bubles. Where is it from please?

Suri Christen said...