Saturday, 9 January 2010


Pixieplumb Flanagan of Baby Monkey has redesigned several of her most popular Ultimates.  Instead of having to purchase multiple pairs of shoes you can now buy one shoe and get several different color options.  To celebrate this she has placed an exclusive version of the BeBop shoe in the lucky chair.  The BeBop is one of my favorites with it's chunky heel and layered sole.  You can change the sole/heel color as well buckle, toe ring and nails individually.  This shoe would normally retail for 1000 L but you can get it free right now!  The chair is on a 5 minute timer at the moment so it will move quickly.


Cmoney said...

That's a really fab shoe! Now, I'm gonna have to see the rest at Baby Monkey.

Chloe Sharktooth said...

I loved the pic and stood and waited for my letter to come, ran home clutching my new lovely shoes..I was very mod with no resize script ! I dont have a size zero av and my legs kinda drip over the side ive moved the invisiprim moved the shoe around but its just a no and ive had to trash them...message to baby monkey..resize scripts pleeeaasee we arent all ultra skinny and you certainly wont see any of my lindens untill they do.

Red Pralou said...

i feel the same. =( i was so excited about them until i realized they were no mod! =(