Friday, 8 January 2010

A Bad Day But Good Freebies!

So for about 30,000 reasons I am having a bad day. What do I do when I am having a bad day? I log onto an alt and act goofy in casinos and stuff, lol. On this alt today I lucked out and found some extra cool gifts!! This dress from =Feather= made my overly emotional behind almost tear up for serious. I love =Feather= and this set is just beyond great.And this hair? One of many freebies at Yuna's. This one is a group only item camp. There is another item camp too, and a bunch of lucky board hairs! Yay!And third these nails from Candy Nail. Sigh. I love them. This color can be won by anyone in the lucky board and there is another color in the group only board.
Hair: Yuna's Hair, item camp (group only)
Dress: =Feather=, group gift (also comes with shoes)
Nails: Candy Nail, group only lucky board
Skin: B. Bodenhall Toreador Skin, not free
Lip Rings: Sanu, past gift (no longer for sale I don't think)
Eyes: Umi Usagi, lucky board prize

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