Friday, 11 December 2009

Pinky Gals X'Mas Dress

Thanks to ellantha Larrson for the head's up!  ellantha has a great eye and when she finds something I have no doubt it is awesome.  She and I have moaned over our inventory "issues" before and we decided that this dress from the lucky board at Pinky Gals even deserved to be unboxed and worn.  I love black clothes and this dress says feminine without being disgustingly froufrou.  I paired it with the dollarbie stockings under the tree at Rockberry. There are several nice gifts there for 1 Linden each.

Dress: Pinky Gals: X'Mas Dress: Lucky Board
Stockings: Rockberry: Knit Stockings Grey: 1 L
Earrings: ~flirt~ Pearls of Wisdom: not free
Hair: Magika: Dharma: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Daydream: Spellbound: not free


Akelei Schnyder said...

Hi, was that dress from last year? Is so lovely :3


Eden Knoller said...

I'm not sure, Akelei. I can check creation dates when I get back online. <3

Akelei Schnyder said...

Is okay, I missunderstood the context, i though was a prize from last year xD

But i am here, waiting for the silly A to show up T_T


Eurydice Barzane said...

I was going to teleport to this lucky board after I'd bought the ummmm... large cat head Sileny blogged. Didn't realised it was the same sim - I wandered over to a lucky board, this was the dress and a ? was showing.


And thank you! :)

Eden Knoller said...

Woo Hoo! You totally lucked out!