Saturday, 19 December 2009

(Murky) suite VIP group lucky chair item


~silentsparrow~ has a new VIP group lucky chair item for women and men (and non-gendered humans, plants, furries, bipeds or quadrupeds of all kinds), the (MURKY) outfit. The new VIP group has a 250L joining fee, but is completely worth it with little gifts every now and again and group-only chair items like this one. The chair has a faster turnaround than the previous incarnation of the group, and the boy & girl items are in the same box. The outfits are gorgeously drawn as ever, and for the one-time 250L joining fee, a more than decent bargain. (Join group here)

My hair in the top picture is a new !lamb limited edition Stumblebum item, not free but very worth it!


***Hair: (not free) Stumblebums !lamb say redux - kit kat (SLURL here)
***Boots: (not free) SLink BeeBee boots in teal
***Outfit: Bits from the ~silentsparrow~ VIP group lucky chair, (murky) Datura skirt & bloomers, gloomy gloves, & shrug, & pasties. (SLURL here) (Join group here)
***Skin: Tuli Bella (dark tan/li) vip group gift
***Skin: (Not free) Den-dou Rock -pale- 01 clean (bald)
***Hair: (Not free) Gritty Kitty Cain in blond
***Outfit: Bits from the ~silentsparrow~ VIP group lucky chair, (murky) Gloomy jeans, Gloomy shirt & Gloomy waistcoat (SLURL here) (Join group here)


Sileny said...

/me eats you up

Creamy Cooljoke said...

ohh I didn't know there was a long version of this hair - WANT

Dream said...

Silentsparrow decided to kick all the old group members out with the "new group", which they created for no reason other than "too many members in the old group" (which isn't a large group by SL standards to begin with. Bare Rose has twice the amount of group members and did they delete the group? Don't think so). Now I get to pay them an extra 250L for no reason for being loyal to the group for the past 2 years. Wow how nice. [/sarcasm]

Chriss said...

Dream... if you actually bothered to read the full reason for why Hy did what she did, you'd find out that it wasn't that the old group was to huge. It was to cut down on the spammers, people who joined for the group gift then left et al.

Earthstones did the same thing for the same reasons. As did a few other places.

Seriously, if you really have this much anger, why not just talk to Hy about it rather then complain on someone's blog randomly. Probaly will get much better results.