Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I Can Haz Free Burger?

The Christmas mall on the Remo sim is awesome!!!!! Take THIS SLURL to get there :D
Black Dress: Pinky*Gals, lucky board prize
Stripey Dress and Socks: *Motion*, free
Big Cat Head: Versace, $4,000
Sweater, Skirt, and Socks: Kuri Style, 2L (there's another 2L dress too)
Large Cat Face: Chanel, $3,500Green Dress: Juicy Pop, 2L
Silver Dress: Juicy Pop, 1L (not at the mall)
Over Sized Feline Noggin: Dolce & Gabanna, $4,500Both Dresses and Hat w/Veil: Inga Wind, free in a massive pack of free things
Neco Head: Niyari, free (along with multitudes of other freebies)

-So many more freebies at the Xmas mall. Check it out!
-Only one designer of the cat head is real. Take a guess which one :P