Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Holiday Glamour

I love all the crazy fun outfits we wear at Christmas but I also love the sexy glamour just as much. Here's a few finds....

Sascha by Glitterati

This Sasha gown by Glitterati is paired with some long black gloves, lots of diamonds, and that new Gala skin everyone is talking (and blogging about!). It has a really dramatic feel to it and looks great with an elegant gown.

Upser Class Goth Grey by GPD

This silvery grey gothy gown still feels elegant but has a great edgy look. It came with some frilly cuffs which put it over the top in my opinion, but without them it's all sleek and sexy.

Angel Arwen Red by Angel Dessous

When you come home everyone wants something a little sexy to slip in to and this red lingerie set from Angel Dessous definitely fits the bill. Its sexy and festive without being silly. Love it.

Style Notes Photo One
Sascha Gown Group Gift from Glitterati
Black gloves (not free) from Mimikri
Gala Group Gift skin (see earlier posts)
'5' Hair (past freebie, may still be available) from W & Y Hair

Style Notes Photo Two
Upper Class Goth Grey Gown free from GPD
Dolly skin (not free) from Curio
Jule Hair (not free) from Mirai Style

Style Notes Photo Three
Angel Arwen Red Lingerie Set RED or DEAD Hunt gift from Angel Dessous
Temptress Revisited Hair (not free) from Sky Everett Designs


Sileny said...

YAY! You haz undies too! lol

silver milneaux said...

I love how you styled that second outfit- I didn't see the gown as goth, but that hair+that makeup <3 :D

and undies!!!!!!

Evangeline Eames said...

LOL..everyone is undie obsessed! Thanks for the comments :D