Monday, 14 December 2009

GAME is like YOU!

Yey! Today is game day. So run to ARAI and try your lucky girl, couse you can win a splendid shirt in RED or in GREY. Unlucky I get onlt the red. lol. Maybe I'll go well in love ^^
Btw, that is. And don't forget to go to that new store, plastic flowers, taht have a 1L pose and a 1L shape that go well with Lazolli's skins ^^.

free n.12

shoes: [glow] studio Sad Colors Flats (1L and comes in different colors!)

POSE: plastic flowers (1L) has a shape too 1L

antlers and leg lights: [ hoorenbeek ] Christmas Freebies

shirt: ARAI free shirt (you have to play with a machine and win it in red or in grey)

socks: ARAI free daily socks

the skin is also free and is a CURIO group gift (posted before tytytytyty)

Get fun*


Jane Primrose said...

Can you please explain more clearly what you have to do to get the ARAI shirt? Neither I nor the three other avatars here can figure it out.

Jewel said...

And I can't figure out where plastic flowers store is. There was nothing but a plain on the TP spot you put on this post.