Thursday, 17 December 2009

fairy xmas is coming*

hei again! I'm in a xmas fairy mood today, and I need to let you know about that crazy wonderfull gift from the itutu group. It makes our xmas look great and sweetie* and some other freebie and cheap things you have to bring! ^^

free n.16 free n.15

lingerie: + {{GIFT for iTuTu group}} + KAO : X'mas lingerie
legwarmer: + {{GIFT for iTuTu group}} + .+*AA*+. : X'mas leg warmer
rudolph on shoulder: [KUE!] Reindeer Stocking Shoulderbuddy (gatcha item, 10L)
bread bag: [KUE!] Paperbag with baugettes -hold-
fur bag: + {{GIFT for iTuTu group}} + KAO : Rabbit fur hand bag

for the kao, atelier AM, etc. I mean, for the itutu group gifts go here
for the KUE things look in the stores inside here

have fun*


Sileny said...

/me does the undies dance

Dieter said...

where oh where is that skin from??? please tell!