Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Did You See The Part About Free Clothes For Life?

I've been all over Europe but suddenly I feel cheated at having never been to Milan. After having viewed the Christmas Photographic Exhibition on the 4th Floor of the Musashi Do Flagship store I'm fairly blown away by how beautiful the city is.

Gidge, you say - where is the free stuff?

I'm getting there, I'm getting there......

The exhibit has a two-fold purpose, hell make that threefold.

First of all you can simply take in the absolute spendor of Milan at Christmas. I'm a little in awe.

Second - and this is a good one although NOT free - Shiryu Musashi has for sale 10 beautiful photos which rotate in a lovely frame that you can purchase for a gift(s) for 250L. 100% of the proceeds of the sales of these holiday pictures will go to Toys for Tots. Full data and receipt of the donation will be disclosed on the Musashi Do blog on January 7th,2010.

Toys for Tots is an amazing organization that provides gifts to children who might otherwise HAVE no Christmas. I hope you sincerely consider participating.........every 250L adds up and just a few of us can make a tremdous impact in making a child happy this holiday season.


The third super cool thing that is going on is that you have the ability to win FREE CLOTHES FOR LIFE, YES you heard me. FREE. FOR LIFE.

Here is the scoop - Read It - It's WORTH IT - Remember - FREE CLOTHES FOR LIFE......

Musashi Do is running a World Holidays 2009 Exhibition and Contest

Here's how to participate:
1: Search for the most beautiful locations that show holidays decorations in your own home city and take pictures of them. As many as possible (The resolution of the pictures needs to be at least 512 x 512 pixels),
2: Send your pictures to the e-mail adress milanoholidays2009@gmail.com In the text of the mail include the following form, filled with your data (Your real life name is indispensible for legal reasons but it will NOT be shared with anyone or displayed anywhere, unless you specifically ask us to):

Second Life Name: (Insert Your Second Life Name Here)
Do you want your RL or SL Name to be displayed under your pictures in the exhibition?: (insert RL, SL or None here)
City: (Insert the name of the city where the picture(s) have been shot)

I declare that the pictures included in this mail are my intellectual property. I Authorize Shiryu Musashi (Giuseppe Nelva) to use and publish the pictures attached to this mail in the "World Holidays 2009" Exhibition in Second Life and for no other purposes.

Signed: (Insert your Real Life Name here)

Additional notes: (if you have any additional notes or requests, write them here)

3: Pictures sent without the above form filled in all it's parts will not be included in the exhibition and will not participate to the contest described below. The deadline for sending the pictures is 11.50 PM SLT on December the 19th. No submission will be accepted after then.
4: On December the 20th at 00:10 AM ten names between the ones that submitted eligible pictures will be raffled via script and will win the following prizes.

1st: 1 copy of every outfit Musashi-Do releases from December the 20th 2009 onwards, for life!
2nd: 1 copy of every outfit SySy's releases from December the 20th 2009 onwards, for life!
3rd to 10th: a 1000 L$ Musashi-Do Gift Card + a 1000 L$ Sysy Gift Card!

You won't need to be present to the raffle to be eligible to win. If you won, and you're not immediately available, you wull be notified via IM and Notecard.

Event Sponsors:
Silver Star Modeling Agency
N.A.I.L. Productions


There is something else that's cool. Every day Shiryu is putting out a NEW free Holiday picture - that is a gift for you. This picture will NOT be one of the ten sold in the fundraiser - but it's a new one EVERY DAY!

Ok, tired of me yet?

Don't forget this cute dress is still avail in the Subscribo at Musashi Do - it's still totally cute as previously proven by Achariya and Sileny (I think, I haven't had much tea yet).

When I went to the exhibition I wore the cute freebie outfit from Pixel Dolls which is still out. It's been blogged already - but it's totally cute still.

I have just given you the power to contribute to Toys for Tots, get a cool free holiday picture everyday until December 25 AND win free clothes for life from Musashi Do or Sysys.

You are welcome.

Gidge -OUT

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