Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Coco Treats!

I recently discovered the store Coco....awesome stuff! While raving about it to a friend she asked if I got the group gifts. I hadn't! Turns out Coco has a wall of fantastic group gifts in their store. Check it out!


This dress comes in a fatpack of four colors including this brown color, a black berry color, purple, and black. Fantastic textures!


This gorgeous turtle neck is also free along with these shorts which come with or without the leggings


Here's the blackberry top from the shirred dress pack shown with a truly amazing pair of shiny leggings. Love 'em.


The french inspired modern overalls come in a few colors as well. They can look sexy, cute, or both depending on how you accessorize them!

Style Notes
All outfits are group gifts from Coco
Jess hair past freebie from Truth
Black PVC Boots (not free) from EVA
Birkin Bag (not free) from B.O.S.


nuFUNK said...

What skin of shop in pic2&3? Its soooo sexy!

Evangeline Eames said...

thats the Christmas gift skin from Curio! Not sure if it is still available but they are gorgeous so worth checking out. it was blogged about earlier this month here : )