Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas makes us like Elves*

Awww can't leave you without posting that WONDERFULL, BRILLANT complete avatar! I think Xmas time sometimes make us feel like elf* Personally I just want a very cutie pointy ear even in RL. Of course I don't have them -.-
Ok, that's not important. The very important thing is that you hurry to take the taxi and bring that avatar! You'll love it!

free n.9

tight: !Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK (0L)
for the other all things: all parts of Christmas Elf Avatar free at Delicatessen.
I think the land owner doesn't allow to create other landing point except the default one (the castle)... so it's a problem to find the avatar faster...

you can find it inside a snow cave near the lake... ^^


Alba said...

Very NIIICEEEE outfit!
Thanks for sharing!
It fits perfectly and the shape and skin are sooo cute! ^_^

Mijn Seoung said...

yes I love them too! ^^