Thursday, 17 December 2009

Belle Belle - 8 Days To Christmas

Belle Belle Presents: 12 Days To Christmas hunt.

Belle Belle 12 Days of Christmas

Next Gift is this "Luminaria" light - poster says use it to light up your garden! But when my skybox went out of electric (I told Matteo to pay the bills on time but he didn't want to hand over his mastercard :/) so I had to use that as my light source when hiding in my cushion clubhouse.

Belle Belle - Luminaria

Belle Belle - Luminaria

If you get the copybot protection message you need to move either the avi or your camera closer to the gift because there is this wall in front of the display you need to get past to click on the gift. Thank you!!

TP to Belle Belle for your gift!

DISCLAIMER: On request of the designer, we will not blog a picture of the the current gift so it will be a surprise! But they are worth getting, trust me!

Suri, xoxo

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