Sunday, 15 November 2009

The *PURE* and the *BAD* girlz

So today I wanna share a lot of things... and for doing that I thought at the *PURE* and the *BAD* versions. So I found that cool shop "KU" that sell all at 0L!!!! so hurry please, and grabs all the splendid things!! I even see that Ugly Duck has a new group gift skin! And vive9 has a box of freebie with too much cool eyeglasses, hairs, and scarf! For stopping me to talk I wanna show you only a little part of what I found...for now :

*free* n.6b

*free* n.6 a

*ME* n.1 (the pure)

skin: Ugly Duck Group Gift - bear fun
scarf: vive9 freebie
dress: oyakin**GIFT**
socks/underpants: oyakin**GIFT**knit-sox
boots: tigerclaw UGG boots_TC gon PL
eyeglasses: [chuculet] glassless glasses - normal

*ME* n.2 (the bad)

skin: Ugly Duck Group Gift - Little Mechanic
hair: *noju* group gift 002
outfit: Adam n Eve - What's New Gift (join that group: What's new!) - posted before
scarf: tigerclaw scarf 1.0_made by TC B
boots: tigerclaw TC-boots 2009 Nc_olive-16.5 gift no 5
jacket: tigerclaw leather jacket spine 5.0
belt: Tigerclaw Leather belt VER 2.0 SOJU

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