Monday, 16 November 2009

More Alties

Two, two, TWO alts in one! Ok...Isabeau, my pal, is making fun of me and my alts. But, really, how are you going to get by in SL as a content creator with zero free group spaces?! All of my groups are invite only, paid, or business related. Is the sadness. I think everyone can relate :P Anyway, read the details babies because I am low on chatter fuel right now.Dress: LittleGirl, lucky board prize
Skin: Little Girl, pilgrim hunt giftDress: Meteorain, 0L
Hair: Black Maria, group gift
Skin: Lara Skin, group gift
Green Shirt: Prelude, Join THIS NEW GROUP and check notices
Sweater: Meteorain, 0L (other gifts in store as well)Mohawk: Black Maria, group gift
Fruit Top: Berries Inc., Join THIS GROUP and check notices
Pretty Flower: Sigma Jewels, Join THIS GROUP and check notices
Slamous Hoodie: Alexohol, Join THIS GROUP and check notices
Sexy Open Shirt, Bracelets and Pants: Nanashi & Yesss, Join THIS GROUP and check notices

Note: The group in the link is called "YourStyle" and is a new update group in the same vein as FashCon, Fashion'R'Us, and What's New. It seems pretty cool and here are lots of good gifties. Check it out!


Sileny said...

P.S.- all of my alts are funny looking, as you can see. Teehee.

Soph said...

Am I the only one who can't make the links to the club work? Can't you just tell the name?

Sileny said...

Hmm, it worked for me. let me find the exact name and get back in a sec.

Sileny said...

OK, if the link to the group join page wont' work, then just search "YourStyle" exactly like that and you'll find it. I didn't put the name before because people were having issues but I will make a note.

Dream said...

Did you put the wrong LM for the red turtleneck sweater? It's not at MeteorRain, and there certainly aren't other gifts there either.

Sileny said...

I'll check again but as of last night the red sweater was at Meteorain right next to the red dress, along with some lovely pearls.

Sileny said...

OK, just checked, the slurl is correct for the sweater. It's right at the front of the store, not exactly sure you could have missed it.

okrebecca said...

ok in fairness i didn't see them the first time either. permanent midnight + black unmarked bags = hysterical blindness. this slurl lands you humping the table the aforementioned black bags are on. ty sileny! i usually ignore black bags, those are some goodie finds.

Sileny said...

rofl, ok I guess I am used to clicking everything in sight xD I also just realized my above comment sounded kinda bishy when it wasn't meant to :P