Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Let's start with FUN!

Hello! I'm Mijn and I'm new here..so this is my first post. Well, the first thing I wanna share with you all are those "HAVE TO HAVE" furniture! they're from Jordan Giant, a very talent girl! I <3 hI <3 all her stuff... so ok, I'll stop talking and let you see all her FREE GIFTS!!!

*free* n.1

* lamps (with on and off light options), tree and room divider (with color changing textures) : Jordan Giant... she don't have a store yet but you can find all her stuff here !!

*Mannequin: MB-Creationz (profile pic gift) ... take it here

Let's see something fun now. I found that free and have to share it! It make me laugh and, of course you will use it for fun or not....XD
That's a condom, wereable condom! YOu will have it on your mouth and you can decide to have it pack or unpack!!

*free* n.2

*Condom: VITAMEN, take it here

Mijn Seoung


Creamy Cooljoke said...

YAY Welcome Mijn and oooo cute finds :)

Mijn Seoung said...

ty so much!!!


Sileny said...

Welcome!! And LOVE the post!!

The Exile's Matron said...

There were actually a few of us that come to hunt for the condom and we so never found it! LOL

And it was such a cute find.

Eden Knoller said...

Lovely finds, Mijn! And welcome to the group <3

Casia Serpente said...

Yay! Welcome Mijn :)

Mijn Seoung said...

awwww thanks so much! the condom was a lucky find, I was walking with no sense in a sim, I enter in a male store, couse I thought it would be fun...XD and I see a freebie and I say yeay! and lol...it was a condom!


Mijn Seoung said...

Ok girls, I change the LM for the condom, now it's right...I was sure I found it on maisntore, but it was in a little store in devol...sorry for that


The Exile's Matron said...

LOL Awesome! Definitely have to snatch it up. =)

Great finds.

Miu Elfan said...

Welcome to free*style bb and nice find!!! I must get them allll!!!

cattirun said...

Welcome mijn!
thanks for the post.... love that the bloog now features furniture.
I'm in the middle of decorating a house so it sure comes handy. Would love if the blog featured more furniture. Because it's also important to have a stylish house to go with your stylish self