Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Haven in Tazzmania

Haven Designs has a great new monthly goodie. It is this ripped green and black mesh camisk that you can win either in the lucky board or you can riot vend for it to get it all the way down to 10L. The torn aspect of it made me dig out my rough-looking skins from Tazzmania to get that discarded-after-being-torn-up by-kid-brother Barbie doll kind of look.

Tazzmania has other free and cheap skins too!Purple Star Diva Skin: 1L
Fed With Regret Skin: 40L

And here are some more photos:Cracked Doll Skin: Lucky Board prize
Bruk Up Skin: 40L

Yay! Go have the fun.

Not free:
1st Hair by Vanity Hair
Bangs Attachment for 1st Hair: Bewitched Hair (not sure if still available as this is oooolllldddd)
2nd Hair: Lamb

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